Digital Fight Club

Training & Sparring

"If I can change and you can change, everybody can change." - Rocky Balboa


Queue the Rocky training montage, it's time for your fighter to put in some work. Training is a separate mechanic that allows you to spend $TKO for a chance to upgrade a selected Trait.
The current Training cost is set at 5 $TKO with a 4 hour cooldown (you can only train once every 4 hours). The cost and CD period may change as we further model the DFC ecosystem
With Training you select a Fighter from your Gym page and select which Trait you want to attempt to improve.
All things being held equal - it will be easier to improve a "weaker" trait than a "stronger" one. Meaning it will be easier to take a trait from 20 to 21 than 89 to 90.
Select 'Improve' to have Esther work on his Traits


Similar to Training, Sparring is an opportunity to improve your fighter. The main difference in Sparring is that you choose another Fighter in your Gym for some quality time. Use your $TKO tokens to initiate a sparring session between two fighters for a chance to upgrade a Skill.
Sparring is the only way to increase a particular fighters Skill. Choose a sparring partner wisely! If a sparring partner has a higher skill level on the skill you're trying to focus on the chance of your fighter progressing is greatly improved.
It's not impossible for a fighter to improve a skill if sparring with a partner with the same (or lower) skill level - just less likely.
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