Digital Fight Club


"I push myself to the limit, I dedicate myself to this craft." - Floyd Mayweather
The value of 1 $TKO is 1 $TKO, any liquidity pools that may exist on exchanges were not established by the DFC brand.
$TKO is the Digital Fight Club's currency token. The initial plan for $TKO tokens will be for use in the Training & Sparring mechanics. $TKO tokens can be used to improve your fighter's Skills and Traits.
Each Fighter minted will grant you 100 $TKO. $TKO is also generated passively by holding Fighters. Active Fighters generate 10 $TKO per day for your Gym. Retired Fighters generate $TKO based on their record in the DFC:
Win Percentage
$TKO per day
Less than 25%
Between 25% - 50%
Between 50% - 75%
Over 75%
Generated $TKO is delivered to all holder-wallets on the last day of the month. If you sell your Fighter during the month, whoever is holding the Fighter at 12:01am CST on the last day of the month will receive all $TKO generated for that month. As we get closer to $TKO being used on a daily basis we will revamp so holders receive a pro-rated amount based on their time of ownership.
In an ideal world - no $TKO will ever need to be minted beyond the initial 100M supply. The goal is to fund Fighter $TKO generation - and recruited Fighter $TKO - through $TKO collected with the Training & Sparring mechanics. Technically we do need to leave the supply variable in the scenario in which Gym owners hold more $TKO than they spend and additional $TKO must be minted to meet our stated obligations.
Additional $TKO will not be minted beyond the 100M initial supply until one of the following:
  • The 79.9M Initial Reserve is down to 10% of the initial value (or the reserves cannot handle the next $TKO payout).
  • The 10M Recruited Fighter Reserve is down to 10% of the initial value.
If one of these thresholds is hit, $TKO will be minted to get back to 50% of the original balance.
We plan to re-supply the Action Incentives Reserve bucket from $TKO collected through Training & Sparring as well. We'll be using the Action Incentives Reserve for a myriad of reasons to grow the community. Including, but not limited to:
  • Giveaways/Contests
  • Fight Prize Pools
  • Discord Boosters