Digital Fight Club

The Team

The growing team behind the Digital Fight Club
Matt aka Swezey - An experienced donut eater & coffee drinker. Caffeine is the drug of choice that procures the best results of his late night coding sessions. Swezey has been in the blockchain game since 2016. Through building his own mining rigs with custom built chassis of his own design, to securing millions (valued in USD) of crypto with his solidity smart contracts via ICOs and airdrops, and running validators for other blockchain networks. He's bullish on enabling mass adoption of blockchain and crypto technologies one block at a time. He also has a B.S in Computer Science and over 8 years of professional software engineer experience. Go Mustangs! 🐎
Matt aka Kinders - USAF Veteran with a background in accounting & finance. Matt has spent the last ~8 years working at multiple tech startups with a focus on operations. Matt is comfortable wearing multiple hats and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. One of Matt's favorite mottos (which drives Swezey and Rich crazy) is "I know enough to be dangerous" - while breaking all the tech.
Rich aka Rich - An experienced software developer/architect combined with years of martial arts training gives you a bad ass team member of DFC. Rich has spent many years in enterprise software, building solutions for on-prem and various cloud platforms. He also brings experience building with Blockchain and decentralized technologies. Holding a 4th degree black belt in Tang Soo Do shows that Rich has the dedication and drive to be a key Contributor to the success of DFC.
Jackson aka Mr. Blue - Start up junky that loves to build new projects. I'm a firm believer that putting yourself at the intersection of innovation and opportunity will lead to positive results and there's no better space for that than web3. Throw in the aspect of play to earn gaming and you've got a recipe that has me hooked. I've spent the bulk of my career growing & scaling projects and I'm excited to do the same for DFC. Also a part time golfer, full time Dad and casual sports bettor.