Digital Fight Club

The Fighters

"Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." - Mike Tyson
There are 9,999 genesis Fighters that will begin the Digital Fight Club. These will only be minted directly from our site - Digital Fight Club. After that, all secondary sales will take place on approved marketplaces.
When you mint a Fighter, they will automatically be assigned Traits & Skills. Some of these you'll be able to improve, some of these will be locked. Minting a genesis Fighter will also give you 100 $TKO tokens per Fighter which will be used in Training & Sparring.
​Traits, Skills and Styles all work together for each fight. A basic example, if a fighter has relatively low Reflex (trait), Power (trait), and Kickboxing (skill) we wouldn't recommend selecting a Style along the lines of {Counter Strike}. Not to say it's impossible for a Fighter to win going down this path, but a lot has to break in their favor.
Fighters will ultimately be split up across multiple organizations and weight classes to compete in. If a Fighter starts tearing it up in one organization, don't be surprised if they get called up to the next division to compete for even bigger prizes.
In Phase 5 we will introduce a Recruiting mechanic that will bring new fighters into the mix, but we've planned for there to be real in-game benefits for genesis Fighters.
Last modified 1yr ago