"Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around it or through it." - Bruce Lee
The 24 unique Styles add a strategy element to the game. Study your opponents strengths and weaknesses. Research what styles they've used in the past. Pick a style that not only counters your opponent's style but one that also plays to your strengths. The right style matchups can turn the tables on what may look like a one-sided fight at first glance.
Sweep the Leg
Sweep your opponents legs and then go for the pin.
Utilize extravagant pin attempts. It's unorthodox but damn does it look good.
Judo Throw
Throw your opponent from the clinch and find the perfect pin.
Lay & Pray
Take the fight to the ground and stall for a decision. It's not glamorous but it works.
Lutra Livre
Fight freely and use aggressive grappling techniques to choke your opponent into submitting.
Locks, Chokes & Holds
Power your opponent into crippling submission holds. Target the opponents arms, neck & joints.
Pull Guard
Pull your opponents to the ground and land in the guard position. Fighting from your back is dangerous but you're a submission master. You can do it.
Tasmanian Whirlwind
Maintain a breakneck grappling pace that will exhaust your opponent. Let's hope you don't get tired first.
Go On & Slam
You're bigger, you're stronger and you're going to slam your opponent senseless.
Top Game Tapout
Go for the tap out. Take your opponent to the ground where your transition and submission skills are devastating.
Ground & Pound
Bring your opponent to the mat, keep them there, and unleash a vicious assault of fists.
MMA Specialist
You're a balanced fighter and can utilize different styles as needed. However, you're a master of none.
Choose Your Destiny
You've got the option for powerful kicks or find the perfect defensive submission from the ground.
Sprawl & Brawl
Dodge your opponents takedown and get the upper hand. Finish them off with standing strikes. Is that Chuck Liddell?
Contact Overload
You're twice as deadly when every limb is twice as dangerous. Overload on contact by using your knees and elbows.
Go Low
Knock the tree down by aggressively attacking the hips, knees & ankles.
Swagger Strike
Use your cocky swagger to bait your opponent into an attack. Strike hard and fast when they do.
Chop Down
Use your legs to repeatedly hammer your opponent to slow their movements and control the fight.
Counter Strike
Remain patient and wait for your opponent to strike only to counter with a ferocious riposte of your own.
Dirty Boxing
Waylay your opponent with short punches inside the clinch.
Twinkle Toes
Your feet are a blur. Utilize your speed and balance to deliver devastating quick kicks.
Fucking Chuck Norris
End the fight instantly with the perfect high kick.
Stick & Move
You've got quick hands and quicker feet. Land as many punches as possible and move to the next position.
Fists of Fury
You've got hands like cinderblocks. They're heavy and they hurt. You put everything you have into your punches.