Digital Fight Club


"Retire from your job, but never retire your mind." - Anonymous
One of our more controversial mechanics - Retirement. After a period of fighting in the Digital Fight Club, your Fighter will retire. We see this as a necessary aspect of the game to keep it fresh and balanced.
Without a Retirement mechanic - on a long enough timeline - the same set of Fighters that rolled the highest hidden traits will simply just pass the championship belts around amongst each other. And if you don't have one of those Fighters - the game gets lame pretty quickly.
With that in mind, Fighters will retire when they've reached the end of their career. When will your fire retire? No one knows (except for our algorithm). Retirement will not occur after a specific/set number of fights - there is/are a few random elements in play here. While we understand people may not like having their Fighters retire - there is still a ton of utility to be had with retired Fighters:
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