Digital Fight Club


"Never fight with an ugly person, they've got nothing to lose." - Robin Williams
Fighting is the primary mechanic in the DFC - what's the point in studying the Style matchups and all that Training & Sparring if you don't get to put your Fighters to the test? First you'll need to pick a Fighter to send into the octagon from your Gym page.
Let's send Esther to do battle
After selecting 'Fight' you'll be taken to your Fighter's current fight organization based on their rank and weight class.
Choose your opponent wisely!
From this page you can challenge Fighters from other Gyms (or accept a challenge that someone has already sent your way). Once you have found the matchup you like, you lock in your Fighters style for the fight.
With 24 different styles to choose from - which gives you the best chance to win?
Once the opposing Fighter's Gym owner accepts the challenge (or if you're accepting a challenge sent your way) "ITS TIIIIIIIIIME" (queue Bruce Buffer). Both Fighter's Traits, Skills, and Style selection enter as inputs into our proprietary Fight Algorithm to determine a winner. Fighter records and Rankings are subsequently updated and if any ETH/$TKO was on the line it gets awarded to the winner. We'll give round outputs so you can see how your Fighter stacked up.
The Digital Fight Club is beginning as a text-based strategy game. You will not see your Fighters fight (at least not yet).