Digital Fight Club


The current game flow doesn't allow for what we've labeled "Duels." Meaning unless you coordinate quite a bit with someone (use our Discord!), its tough to line up a fight against a specific Fighter/Gym owner. And this becomes downright impossible if those Fighters are in different weight classes, Organizations, or Active/Retired status. That's what we want to solve with Duels.
Duels will allow you to matchmake a Fight with any Fighter - regardless of the parameters.
An example may be the best way to get this across: Let's say you've got a friend that is talking shit about one of your Fighters (or you're talking shit about theirs) and you want to setup a sanctioned DFC Fight. But unfortunately the Fighter your friend is calling out is retired (or in a different, weight class, different organization, etc) - that's where Duels come in. You can setup a fight with your friend (including an ETH payout if you're feeling frisky) for these two Fighters - even if technically they could never do battle in the day-to-day happenings of the DFC.
These fights would be 100% off the books - meaning they wouldn't count towards records or ELO rankings. Purely for bragging rights.
Last modified 1yr ago